5 Song Demo

by Buried out Back

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DAW: Mac with Reaper
Drums : Pearl Masters Kit, Blue Microphones Yeti Mic USB (1 mic)
Guitars : Dean 6 string V, Ibanez RGA8 EMG808, Line 6 HD500
Bass : Yamaha 4 string tuned F#, B, E, A, Line 6 Hd500
Vocals : Yeti Mic USB


released April 13, 2013

Written by Buried out Back
Produced/Recorded/Edited/Mixed by Dave S



all rights reserved


Buried out Back North Bay, Ontario

Buried out Back began as a side project. Dave was in Empyrean Plague, Kevin P used to be in Vanquished, and Kevin L is in Fallen Accolade. Other members have come and gone, but only 3 have remained.

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Track Name: The Vagrant
The Vagrant
The first of my dead was a man
a ragged little thing with dirty hands
He slept on the streets without a home
now he lays under dirt, but not alone
I saw him under a streetlights flicker
all I had to do was promise liquor
I took him in and gave him booze and bread
then from behind, a machete to the head
The blade sunk in 3 deadly inches
I stood in awe, of his bodily flinches
I looked away and then grabbed a hammer
knowing all along he’d never matter
I pounded the blade through his skull
my machete blade was real dull
It cleaved his wrinkled face in twain
Then I ate a piece of his brain
Track Name: The Prostitute
The Prostitute
The second grave I dug, was for a dirty whore
And though I've gone and killed her, it makes me love her more
My pretty dead, diseased filthy tramp
Her blood is thick and makes the air damp
I'd seen her many times, and paid her lots of cash
This time I felt different, so her face I’d smash
She fell to the floor, and began to convulse
When she stopped I bent down, and tried to find her pulse
Though it was faint, she was definitely still alive
With her beauty truly lost, I grabbed my block of knives
One by one I took her breasts, her blood had been gifted
I carved and took her flesh, to a madman I ‘d shifted
I woke a while later, death had consumed the room
I found myself to be naked, a bloodied, vile groom
I was there beside her, laid next to the whore
All her beauty and her lust, was changed to lovely gore
Track Name: The Hoarder
The Hoarder
The third time I killed was for hatred
A useless piece of meat, self-medicated
By collecting things with no worth
It was time for him to regret his birth
His home reeked of feces, and rotten vegetation
I decided to work there, and without hesitation
I nailed him to a cross, that I made out of wood
and started a collection, of all the parts I could
I cut off all his fingers, and put them in a jar
it’s easy with bolt cutters, then cauterize with fire
then I took his penis, and made him less a man
around the severed stump, I wrapped a rubber band
Then with my own thumbs, I gouged out his eyes
I did this of course, while he was still alive
the biggest jar I had, I saved for the end
I slit his guts and watched them fall from my gutless, dickless friend